Stellar Attendance

With Our Wireless Attendance Devices, You Can Minimize Operating Expenses
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Easy Connectivity

Our devices have Wifi, LAN and GPRS connectivity. They connect directly to our server and hence no need for local PC. Attendance/access data are updated within few moments.

Hassle Free Installation

Stellar devices don't need IT experts to install or replace. A new device can be added or an old device can be replaced with just few clicks from a mobile device/PC. Hassle free.

Integrate Easily to Existing System

We provide Web platform and APIs that allow you to seamlessly integrate the devices to your current software with just few clicks.

Low Installation Cost

By designing and optimizing for local need we could lower the price significantly compared to imported products while maintaining high quality.

Provide Superior Customer Care

In case of fault/failure, our system provides immediate notifications. A smooth service to your client is our top priority.

Get Extended Warranty

We stand behind our products. All our devices come with extended warranty (Repair and replacement).

Reduce Maintenance Cost

All our devices can be maintained remotely without sending an expert. New features can be pushed Over the Air (OTA). This can reduce your maintenance cost dramatically.

Give Uninterrupted Service

Stellar devices can be connected to standard power banks to provide service without interruption during power failure.

Be Part of a Larger Dream

Our devices are proudly designed and manufactured in Bangladesh..

Trusted by a number of institutions all over bangladesh

  • Robi
  • SKS
  • Otobi
  • Mamata
  • Max Hospitals
  • Tritech
  • DNCC
  • Acumen School
  • Bakalia Residential Model School
  • Chakaria Central High School
  • Chakaria Grammar School
  • Chittagong City Corporation Municipal Model School & College
  • Chittagong Digital School
  • Armed Police Battalion Public School
  • Chittagong Government Women's College
  • City Govt. High School
  • CNB School
  • Communication Village
  • Darul Islam Model Academy
  • Gohira College
  • Halishahar Public School & College
  • Ispahani Public School & College
  • Learning Birds
  • Mern Sun School & College
  • Nirubala Academy
  • Patherghata Girls' High School
  • Pinnacle School
  • Readers School
  • Raozan English School
  • Shershah School
  • Muthofun
  • Gulf Air
  • United Residential School & college
  • Well Food
  • Lohagara Shahpir Pilot High School